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AV Support

A seamless experience

AV Support

The Nicholson Center prides itself on utilizing leading-edge technology in both our medical training and teaching environments. This includes advanced audio visual digital media capabilities, which are fully integrated throughout our facilities to enhance onsite and distance learning. We also recognize your costs and effort associated with hosting and attending courses, labs and training. That’s why our Digital Services team is dedicated to making sure you get the most impact and value out of your surgical training, symposia and medical conference events.

Presentation Support

Our on-site Digital Services support team is available to make sure all aspects of your presentations run smoothly. We can provide all the technology you need to create an impactful multi-media presentation experience that will help immerse your audience in your subject matter. Our auditorium boasts a fully customizable, 16-monitor, high-definition video wall and three high-definition projectors that deliver stunning image quality. Plus, our systems are compatible with all of the latest digital technologies and international broadcast standards including NTSC, PAL and SECAM. Our talented team is always on call to assist you and dedicated to providing professional image quality, crisp, clear audio and flawlessly run presentations.

Lab Support

The Florida Hospital Nicholson Center teaching laboratories come complete with audio/visual technology support. Each lab is equipped with wireless microphones, built-in ceiling speakers, wireless projector controls and monitors throughout the rooms. These technologies give the course directors the ability to visually and audibly convey step-by-step techniques throughout the laboratories, while simultaneously having the freedom to move about the rooms. Our Digital Services support team is available to help configure your audio/visual elements to maximize the effectiveness of your lab sessions.

Behind the scenes for broadcast

Connecting To Your Audience Anywhere

Telecommunications and Broadcasting

Web Streaming

We make web streaming easy and affordable. Our talented web team can build a customize webpage for your event, creating the ability for your live broadcast to be viewed from multiple devices including tablets and iPhones. This is a great way to share live lectures, surgeries and case observations.

Live Broadcasting

The Florida Hospital Nicholson Center keeps you connected with the world by providing live broadcasting services. Lectures, training sessions and general information can be fed internationally through traditional broadcast channels. Events and information can easily be shared throughout the facility on our in-house network of 56 plasma TVs. Plus, we have full audio and video teleconferencing capabilities for both domestic and international transmission. On-site technicians are available for any troubleshooting that may be required.