Florida Hospital Nicholson Center Surgical Training


For over a decade, the Florida Hospital Nicholson Center has trained more than 50,000 physicians from around the globe on leading-edge clinical and surgical techniques. Utilizing state-of-the-art surgical suites, and labs, plus advanced medical simulation robotics and learning centers, medical professionals can acquire and advance their skills in a highly collaborative surgical learning environment. 

Take advantage of the technology-enhanced operating techniques that are becoming the mainstay of tomorrow’s healthcare by training with the Florida Hospital Nicholson Center. We are one of the largest and most experienced medical learning and simulation incubation centers of its kind in the country dedicated to advancing next-generation clinical knowledge. Year after year, our hands-on training techniques have proven to provide key skills needed to advance your medical development and grow your practice. 


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Nicholson Center Celebration Florida

Nicholson Center Locations

Celebration Health Nicholson Center

Florida Hospital Nicholson Center Celebration
404 Celebration Place,Celebration, FL 34747



Nicholson Center Orlando Florida

Health Village Nicholson Center

Florida Hospital Nicholson Center Orlando 2415 North Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL 32804







Nicholson Center Celebration Florida

Primary Programs and Services

The Nicholson Center has two locations, the main location in Celebration and a sister campus located in Orlando. Both locations offer lecture and lab capabilities.

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  • Clinical and surgical training labs (Wet Labs and Dry Labs)
  • Medical conference centers with fully integrated multi-media services
  • Technology, research and development alliances
  • Medical innovation research and technology accelerator
  • Medical robotics simulation and development center
  • Fully integrated multimedia conference centers
  • International symposia, conference and education programs
  • Advanced media services including production, capture and broadcast
  • Live surgical broadcasts, video conferences, tele-monitoring and web-based education
  • Strategic advisory and consulting services