Webinar Overview

Our Chief Technology Officer will be providing an interactive webinar to discuss the current and future technologies of robotic surgery. He will address the 67 robotic companies which currently make up the robotic landscape and discuss the effects of these companies on the technology trends in the next five years. Tune in on January 23rd to our webinar.  

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Webinar Presenter

Roger Smith, PhD

Roger Smith, PhD (United States of America)

Chief Technology Officer at AdventHealth Nicholson Center

Author of the books: 

  •  A CTO Thinks About Innovation. 
  • Chief Technology Officer: Defining the Responsibilities of the Senior Technical Representative.
  • Simulation & Game Technology for Medical Education.  
  • Military Simulation and Serious Games. 
  • Patterns of Strength: New Habits for Improving Personality, Intelligence, and Relationships.
  • Advice: written on the back of a business card. 
  • In the Footsteps of Franklin.


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